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Hi! My name is Blake and I live in New York and I'm 27. I work for a large NY computer company during the day, but I like playing with computers in my free time too.

I like people who like to have fun and enjoy doing things that I do too.

I like playing games on the computer, like Quake and writing my own programs. I know Visual Basic and and still learning Visual C++ a little bit. I only have written a few programs so far, but I will make more soon. I also like bastketball and having fun.



I don't like flying, because I get nervous on the planes, especially with the terrorists in New York recently.

People who are bitchy and annoying make me upset. I wish they would go away and leave me alone.

I hate spam on the Ineternet. I get too much in my email box. Don't send me any email if you just want to send me spam, because I will just delete it.

I also don't like TalkCity because I used to have my homepage there but they lost it and their servers are always down.

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