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Blake's UD NewTray!

UD NewTray, version 1.0 (release Dec 23, 2002)

This utility was written for people who run the United Device Agent, which is a distributed computing program. Currently, the UD Agent lets your computer help search for the cure for cancer in its idle time. You can download it at if you are not already running it.

Sometimes the UD Agent's tray icon disappears even when it is actually running as your own username. This may cause you to not be able to double-click the Agent and see its progress, which makes you have to abort it with Task Manager (sometimes causing you to lose some time that your computer has spent working). My utility will broadcast a message that says "Microsoft Explorer restarted" to the UD Agent, which causes it to redraw its icon in the system tray.

This little utility will also tell you if a copy of the UD Agent is already running on your computer, and try to tell you what username it is running under. On Windows XP Home Edition, it is common for the Agent to be running already as another logged on but you not realize it.

Download UD NewTray now by clicking here (14 KB)

You can talk about this program in the forum at the UD Member Forum.

Come back later for more programs when I finish them. Send me any ideas or suggestions you have!

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